Our Story



Born in New Zealand in the mid 60s, Martin came to Australia as a young man in 1989.  Now an Australian at heart, (unless of course the Wallabies are playing the All Blacks).

From farmer to antiques dealer, builder to sculptor, Martin Jaine is the man behind the brand. Martin has spent many years getting his hands dirty while lovingly polishing fine antiques, restoring historic properties in and around Perth, to his more recent love of transforming various recycled materials into fabulous sculptures.

Martin Jaine Sculptures began in 2011 as a hobby selling handcrafted sculptures under the name of Earlsferry Sculptures, at market-stands around the Perth metropolitan area.

Supported by his effervescent, charismatic, creative team in the workshop, Martin Jaine Sculptures has evolved, today Martin Jaine Sculptures is showcasing some of the most amazing sculptures for us all to enjoy in our homes, workplaces and even public areas .

From small insects to large animals “The Wild” to the more significant customised designed pieces in “The Distinctive”. Sculptured plants and flowers make up “The Flora”, While “The Practical”, consists of all useful things like tables, chairs and even doormats. Last but by no means the least is the ever-popular range “The Geometric” showcasing shapes from spheres to pyramids and beyond!

Presented for you to view and enjoy, Martin Jaine Sculptures Gallery Gardens are located in the beautiful historic gardens of Earlsferry House in Bassendean (click here for location and opening times).

Combining his love of the finer things in life together with his creative flair Martin Jaine Sculptures has something for everyone.

Handcrafted Sculptures as individual as you.