When you are considering the purchase of one of our sculptures it is not always convenient, nor practical to throw it into the back of your car.  Our sculptures come in a variety of shapes and sizes and of course weights.  Sometimes they require a forklift or crane or more than one person to move them.


We understand this very well and we offer a variety of options to our customers in the form of delivery.


Delivering our Sculptures to you our customer is just one of the things we can do.

 No matter if you are down the road or in another hemisphere.

(fees and charges apply)

Don’t think for one moment that your favourite piece is too big to transport all our sculptures get moved regularly around our Gallery Gardens and we are often seen loading trucks using cranes etc. when we are displaying at a fair or show.

Please contact us should you wish to know more about how we can organise delivery for you, as you can see below we already have pieces of significant size and shape on location around the world.

Western Australia

There are many varied options for delivery around Western Australia.  Chat to us about how we can arrange to have your Sculpture delivered to you in the quickest and safest way.


We have arranged shipment of this 1200mm Diameter Sphere to a private residence in Rhode Island, New York, USA

Melbourne Australia

Another sculpture was packed up, this time sent on a pallet to Melbourne.